New song(s?)!

2017-07-11 02:51:38 by EnderNG

Hoi everyone! I haven't been active much lately and I'm sorry about that. I am currently on vacation so that is mostly the reason. I have been learning garage band recently and have a song to upload once I get unbanned :D

Running Out Of Ideas...

2017-04-26 19:23:42 by EnderNG

So, I have been working on LOTS of remixing in Soundtrap, which I am decent at. I have a non-remix ready to upload but after that, I have kinda ran out of ideas. So if anyone would like to do a colab song I would be happy to :P

New songs!

2017-04-24 22:26:11 by EnderNG

So I have some new songs coming out on May 4th (Star Wars day :D) which is when I get unbanned from audio. So I have some songs lined up for this day. First: -The Dungeon- a song I made for a game that will be posted on newgrounds soon by the same name. Second: Stereo Madness - Ender Mix a remix of Stereo Madness by Forever Bound. The next few are possible but I cannot guarentee them. First is Back On Track - Ender Mix. Electroman Adventures - Ender Mix. And finally MDK Fingerbang - Ender Mix. So I am looking forward to that day so yeah! If you want to here "-The Dungeon-" early be sure to check out my YT where it is already uploaded ;)


2017-04-23 23:25:03 by EnderNG

I accidently got an audio ban until May 14 I think so sorry guys that I can't upload my songs :(


2017-04-21 16:45:18 by EnderNG

Ok, just so you for some reason think that I am an april fools joke since I made this account on April 1 I AM NOT!